Week 14 – The greatest Miracle.

As of the first of January we are reading the next scroll of Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman”
The first line tells us that we are nature’s greatest miracle.
We are one of a kind, no one is the same. No walks like me or talks like me.
I am me unique in every way.
I tell this to my kids too. They are one of a kind.
I tell them not to be fooled any other way. It is all in the mind.
Like I said last week “Feeling is believing, not seeing”
This is one of the sentences I tell myself each and every morning when I wake up and every evening when I go to bed.
It feels great to say that to myself. This brights up the day and if I have some negative thoughts I change them with saying this sentence to myself. It really works.
Every one is the nature’s greatest miracle. Let’s not forget that. Keep this in mind and speak this out loud every morning and every evening and you will feel it in your bones. Well I did.

With Love
Miraculous Mike


Week 8 – Getting there.

Ok, the assignment not to have negative thoughts continues and I hold a record of 5 consecutive days.
And then something unexpected happens and I lost my cool. It was a futile thing but I lost it.
And right after that I laughed and I thought “there go my 5 days.”
So I restarted just last monday again and we are at day 5 again. And I’m still going strong, even unplugged the TV (all 3). Kids argued with me on it but I stood firm and told them that this was a great moment to read of even play games. Bas (my son) told me that if he wanted to play games he needed the TV. He does his gaming on the Playstation3. I told them to play board games. So we did. We did this the last couple of nights and everyone is enjoying it to the fullest.
Even reading, which is a real buzzkiller for my kids, is going great.
The real challenge about no TV, PC, phone or tablet is on me.
I’m a system engineer for my profession and in my non working hours for my boss I make websites, repair PC’s and advice people on the use of tablets, phones and pc’s. So to keep the attraction of doing fun stuff on these devices I planned this week clear. So no choirs on the electronic devices. But I’m getting there.
This week is also a week that my DMP is finished. I got it nailed according to my guide. And that makes me feel ecstatic. I can see the thing I want in my sitting and some things are starting to take shape.
I’m all pumped for the new week and hopefully so are you.

Until next week. Be true to yourself and start believing in yourself!

PS a great way to think about all our electronics we use in every day life take a look at this youtube video.

Week 7 – On a Diet

After last weeks webinar we were put on a diet.
A mental diet.
All negative thoughts must be replaced by positive thoughts within 7 sec of thinking.
We need to keep this up for 7 days and every time you fail you need to restart.
Well after 2 weeks of no opinion this would be a walk in the park, or so I thought.
Nothing is further from the truth then this diet.
Wow I haven’t had a day without a restart up till now.
Every day is a challenging one. I never thought that I had a negative reaction to almost everything that has happened in the last couple of days.
But I will keep restarting the diet because I want this negativity out of my thoughts.
But to look on the bright side of things The restarts are getting less and less.
My problem is in fact that I react to soon. Words fly out of my mouth. I need to think about what I want to say or think (hahaha) before I react.
I notice that I’m smiling a lot more that I did a few weeks ago. I can see that this is more fun then I could ever hold possible. What a fun ride it has been so far. Some things were tough at the beginning. All the reading and sitting, well I now look for that moment of sitting on a daily basis. Yesterday I had a great conversation (in my mind) with an old friend who I haven’t seen for about 6 years. I told him everything that has happened in my live and I could see the expressions on his face when I told him about my live goals and what it did to me and my family. He was really with owe with what I told him. I could feel the conversation in thru my whole body. I felt a tinkling sensation when I did this conversation. When I opened my eyes after this incredible sit I started to cry and smile at the same time.

I know that this is the way I want to continue. I feel more alive then I did 6 months ago.
Thank you Mark J and Fav. Davene for having me on this great course!