Master Key Experience Course Launch Starts in 5 Days!


Almost a year ago I started a journey that completely changed my life and the way I think about the events happening in my life at the moment.
If I knew then what I know now about the mind and the universe I would have taken this journey way earlier.
But this Journey only starts once a year. And the time is now.

My experience with this great adventure can not be described in to words.
But I tried to write it down on this page. I did a weekly blog of my experience on this incredible journey.
And as you can see on the right side of this blog (blog roll) I wasn’t the only one that took this course.

Do you want to change your life around? make resolutions that stick for once?
Then add your name and email in the form and you will get started right away.

One of the thing I love about this course that everything taught in this cousre is backed up with evidence, scientific evidence.
Everything is fact, and not fiction.
you will be developing a toolbox full of skill which will help you in your personal development, and those skill you wil develop work. It’s been proven by all the people that took the same course you are about to embark in.
And this is a course that will be bought and paid for. The students of last year all paid it forward.
So no costs are connected to entering this course.
Let this Journey be a part of you and you will see that Your Future is Unlimited.


Week 19 – on the right path

As we continue on this wonderful path we call the Master Key MasterMind Alliance, more and more seems to come naturally.
I know now how to life my life to the fullest.
I know I am on the right track to full fill my dreams and I am getting closer and closer to get some smart DMP goals met.
I will keep walking on this path that I chose for myself to be on.

I know my future will be unlimited

My mind will always be open!

Week 17 Decisiveness

To make a decision you need to have a choice.
Which ever choice you make, you will never choose the wrong thing. In your eyes you always choose right. If you knew it was the wrong choice you never would have made that choice.
You choice could turn out that the outcome was not what you expected but it was never a wrong choice.

As we progress along the Franklin Makeover we come across some habits we need to address, mine for last week was decisiveness, or the lack of it.
And when you look for it you will see a lot of people struggling with this habit. And when I look at myself I see that I need to do something about my own indecisiveness.
I tend to ponder about the choices I am about to make and thus not making an decision at all.
But then I think about the best decision I made about 17 weeks ago to get on this wonderful and mind altering course called th MKMMA. And I look at all the progress I made thus far. I I count myself blessed to make this journey with all my co-travelers on the road to become the greatest salesmen in the world. We are all on our own hero’s journey and we are on the brink of being reborn as our future selfs.
All for me left to say at this moment is: Your Future is Unlimited

Miraculous Mike.

Week 15 – Franklin Makeover

courage wordle
Courage or to be brave in the greatest sense of the word.
Well, this week I am looking for courage. courage in every little thing you can think off. Like crossing the street for the first time alone as a little kid. Or a little thing like asking for help. It all takes some courage to do so. We all need to make this first step towards overcoming that bit of fear that holds us back.
And as I was looking for courage in my surroundings I found out that I also needed some courage to do things like talking to people about my business.
But after seeing people and having the courage to do things I know now that it is a small step to overcome your fear and get the courage to go out and do your thing.
I loved this assignment and saw some magnificent things happen with people and to people that had the courage to do the thing they wanted to do.
We all need the courage to let go of that old blueprint and let the new one in.
As the week progressed I came more and more convinced that I am on the right track and I got more and more courage to do the things I feared before. This will be a great 12 weeks to come I know this for sure.

Next week we will be looking for kindness. And yes we all could use a bit more kindness in our lives. So keep looking and maybe you will be surprised by an act of kindness by someone.

See you all out there

Miraculous Mike

Week 14 – The greatest Miracle.

As of the first of January we are reading the next scroll of Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman”
The first line tells us that we are nature’s greatest miracle.
We are one of a kind, no one is the same. No walks like me or talks like me.
I am me unique in every way.
I tell this to my kids too. They are one of a kind.
I tell them not to be fooled any other way. It is all in the mind.
Like I said last week “Feeling is believing, not seeing”
This is one of the sentences I tell myself each and every morning when I wake up and every evening when I go to bed.
It feels great to say that to myself. This brights up the day and if I have some negative thoughts I change them with saying this sentence to myself. It really works.
Every one is the nature’s greatest miracle. Let’s not forget that. Keep this in mind and speak this out loud every morning and every evening and you will feel it in your bones. Well I did.

With Love
Miraculous Mike

Week 13 – Being the Observer

As we progress in this wonderful course of MKMMA, I am becoming more and more the observer of my surroundings. I don’t give my opinion on everything I see anymore, only when asked. And even then I try to refrain from it.


Even when I have a negative thought I can see my DMP and BAM! negative thought is gone and a smile pops up. This stuff is so powerful. My mind is going in full speed ahead in thinking of ways to get my DMP transformed into plans and plans into actions. More and more are my gut feelings about what I can do to feel my DMP come to life accurate. I feel I am on the right track. Just by observing people I see where I can help them and will do so if they want my help.

People have a tendency to not to ask for help and when some one tries to help they first get mad they you try to help. If the problem is solved they thank you for it, but is it didn’t they get even madder because you tried to help.

I am having so much fun being the observer. I have a big smile on my face day in day out.

Week 2 – Commitment & Enthusiasm

At the beginning of this course we all made a commitment to stick to the program.

In the last webinar we took out 2 index cards and wrote a chore down and made a blue rectangle with our crayons. Now when I see blue rectangles my mind needs to focus on my PPN’s and that will get my subby inline with my thoughts.
I guess you are wondering if this works at all. Well let me tell you this I never seen so many blue rectangles in my life. I got one on my desk at work, even my lunchbox is a blue rectangle

blue rectangle
When we wrote down a chore we needed to do this before or on the 12th of Oct. And sign the index card with I always keep my promises and your name.
On the other card we wrote a perfect plan and a phrase you needed to say out loud 25 times, 2times a day.
First I thought it was a bit childish, but now I don’t care about it and I will say it in my car or just at home and my kids are joining in, after those 25 times I get a boost of energy that I can do almost anything.
We also do a lot of reading. I enjoy reading and I love reading about personal development, so this is a piece of cake.
First the BPB, then DMP, then Salesman and last but not the least the Master Key.
And then I sit down in my chair in the study an be quiet for 15+ minutes. And when that happens the whole house is silent, just like my whole family knows and sits still for 15 minutes also.
And late at noght the reading out loud. I was embarrassed to do it, but after the first time I am getting louder and louder, my wife has to tone me down.

I just love this whole course and I am becoming a new man.

So to your Success, may you be at peace.