Week 19 – on the right path

As we continue on this wonderful path we call the Master Key MasterMind Alliance, more and more seems to come naturally.
I know now how to life my life to the fullest.
I know I am on the right track to full fill my dreams and I am getting closer and closer to get some smart DMP goals met.
I will keep walking on this path that I chose for myself to be on.

I know my future will be unlimited

My mind will always be open!


Week 7 – On a Diet

After last weeks webinar we were put on a diet.
A mental diet.
All negative thoughts must be replaced by positive thoughts within 7 sec of thinking.
We need to keep this up for 7 days and every time you fail you need to restart.
Well after 2 weeks of no opinion this would be a walk in the park, or so I thought.
Nothing is further from the truth then this diet.
Wow I haven’t had a day without a restart up till now.
Every day is a challenging one. I never thought that I had a negative reaction to almost everything that has happened in the last couple of days.
But I will keep restarting the diet because I want this negativity out of my thoughts.
But to look on the bright side of things The restarts are getting less and less.
My problem is in fact that I react to soon. Words fly out of my mouth. I need to think about what I want to say or think (hahaha) before I react.
I notice that I’m smiling a lot more that I did a few weeks ago. I can see that this is more fun then I could ever hold possible. What a fun ride it has been so far. Some things were tough at the beginning. All the reading and sitting, well I now look for that moment of sitting on a daily basis. Yesterday I had a great conversation (in my mind) with an old friend who I haven’t seen for about 6 years. I told him everything that has happened in my live and I could see the expressions on his face when I told him about my live goals and what it did to me and my family. He was really with owe with what I told him. I could feel the conversation in thru my whole body. I felt a tinkling sensation when I did this conversation. When I opened my eyes after this incredible sit I started to cry and smile at the same time.

I know that this is the way I want to continue. I feel more alive then I did 6 months ago.
Thank you Mark J and Fav. Davene for having me on this great course!

Week 5 – What is wrong with me?

What is wrong with me?
People are starting to ask questions what the * is wrong with me. I used to discuss everything with them and all of a sudden I don’t do that anymore.
They want to know what I think about this and that. They want to know my opinions on subjects.
The strange thing is I don’t have any I tell them. and then they tell me I am crazy. No opinion in their eyes is no life.
You must have an opinion on something. Well, then I tell them that I’m observing their conversations and seeing things that I do not want to become a part of.
I can tell you this, it is made my life a less complicated life that is for sure.
I know that I still have opinions inside my head and although they were in the majority, I’m getting less and less opinionated in my mind. All is getting quiet and beautiful thoughts are entering my mind. I love the way the mind works and is working more and more the way I want.
even if people think I’m crazy… well that is their opinion and not mine.

What do you think?

peace be the journey (even in my mind)

Week 3 The World Within.

In the first lesson of the master key, one of the sentences is: “the world without is a reflection of the world within”.
And every time after the 15 minute sit and reading, my mind is getting a blast of thoughts that I get overwhelmed with emotions.
I can’t move and need to take an other 10 minutes to get myself back in order.
This is really crazy, many times I wonder if I’m capable of handling it.
But the next day I see things happening that I got a glimpse of when I sat for 15 minutes the previous day.
And it is blowing my mind, I thought of that and now it is happening.

I used to say a few years ago “I need to see it to believe it” and now I think of it and it is starting to happen.
And now and again my old blue print starts to kick in again and tell me that it’s not possible. But it getting less and less. So the new blue print is getting in my head and this makes me happy.

People around me see changes in my behavior and in my posture, they all want to know what is going on. Did I win the lottery they are asking me.
I tell them that I’m changing the way I’m thinking and that I’m reprogramming my mind. They all think that I’m going crazy because that can’t be done they say.
Well I tell them about cause and effect and you can change the cause by changing the effect which is your mind.
some told me that I’m living my live backwards after he heard that. and then I tell him he does the same in my point of view.
But that I live my live with one big smile on my face because I know I can and am changing my life for the better!

I am changing my world within to change the world without!