Master Key Experience Course Launch Starts in 5 Days!


Almost a year ago I started a journey that completely changed my life and the way I think about the events happening in my life at the moment.
If I knew then what I know now about the mind and the universe I would have taken this journey way earlier.
But this Journey only starts once a year. And the time is now.

My experience with this great adventure can not be described in to words.
But I tried to write it down on this page. I did a weekly blog of my experience on this incredible journey.
And as you can see on the right side of this blog (blog roll) I wasn’t the only one that took this course.

Do you want to change your life around? make resolutions that stick for once?
Then add your name and email in the form and you will get started right away.

One of the thing I love about this course that everything taught in this cousre is backed up with evidence, scientific evidence.
Everything is fact, and not fiction.
you will be developing a toolbox full of skill which will help you in your personal development, and those skill you wil develop work. It’s been proven by all the people that took the same course you are about to embark in.
And this is a course that will be bought and paid for. The students of last year all paid it forward.
So no costs are connected to entering this course.
Let this Journey be a part of you and you will see that Your Future is Unlimited.


Week 17 Decisiveness

To make a decision you need to have a choice.
Which ever choice you make, you will never choose the wrong thing. In your eyes you always choose right. If you knew it was the wrong choice you never would have made that choice.
You choice could turn out that the outcome was not what you expected but it was never a wrong choice.

As we progress along the Franklin Makeover we come across some habits we need to address, mine for last week was decisiveness, or the lack of it.
And when you look for it you will see a lot of people struggling with this habit. And when I look at myself I see that I need to do something about my own indecisiveness.
I tend to ponder about the choices I am about to make and thus not making an decision at all.
But then I think about the best decision I made about 17 weeks ago to get on this wonderful and mind altering course called th MKMMA. And I look at all the progress I made thus far. I I count myself blessed to make this journey with all my co-travelers on the road to become the greatest salesmen in the world. We are all on our own hero’s journey and we are on the brink of being reborn as our future selfs.
All for me left to say at this moment is: Your Future is Unlimited

Miraculous Mike.

Week 14 – The greatest Miracle.

As of the first of January we are reading the next scroll of Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman”
The first line tells us that we are nature’s greatest miracle.
We are one of a kind, no one is the same. No walks like me or talks like me.
I am me unique in every way.
I tell this to my kids too. They are one of a kind.
I tell them not to be fooled any other way. It is all in the mind.
Like I said last week “Feeling is believing, not seeing”
This is one of the sentences I tell myself each and every morning when I wake up and every evening when I go to bed.
It feels great to say that to myself. This brights up the day and if I have some negative thoughts I change them with saying this sentence to myself. It really works.
Every one is the nature’s greatest miracle. Let’s not forget that. Keep this in mind and speak this out loud every morning and every evening and you will feel it in your bones. Well I did.

With Love
Miraculous Mike

Week 9 – Procrastination


I had a week you wouldn’t believe.
Nothing happened. really nothing. I had a week of extreme procrastination. Everything I wanted to do I didn’t do. My dreamboard? not finished. my recording? not finished. Reading and doing the sit. Well what can I say? Did it. but only half.
But as Davene said 2 weeks ago: “Procrastination is giving your challenges and problems to your future self” I need to get myself back in to gear.
I let myself to live by the clock instead of by the compass. And I see my compass every day as it is on my key chain and even in my car.
2014-11-24 14.40.32.
Even the mental diet went south!. I needed to restart at least 3 times a day.
This a week to learn from and to quickly move on. I will get back on track and nail this course like there is no tomorrow.

So see you all next week. When everything is back on track.

Week 8 – Getting there.

Ok, the assignment not to have negative thoughts continues and I hold a record of 5 consecutive days.
And then something unexpected happens and I lost my cool. It was a futile thing but I lost it.
And right after that I laughed and I thought “there go my 5 days.”
So I restarted just last monday again and we are at day 5 again. And I’m still going strong, even unplugged the TV (all 3). Kids argued with me on it but I stood firm and told them that this was a great moment to read of even play games. Bas (my son) told me that if he wanted to play games he needed the TV. He does his gaming on the Playstation3. I told them to play board games. So we did. We did this the last couple of nights and everyone is enjoying it to the fullest.
Even reading, which is a real buzzkiller for my kids, is going great.
The real challenge about no TV, PC, phone or tablet is on me.
I’m a system engineer for my profession and in my non working hours for my boss I make websites, repair PC’s and advice people on the use of tablets, phones and pc’s. So to keep the attraction of doing fun stuff on these devices I planned this week clear. So no choirs on the electronic devices. But I’m getting there.
This week is also a week that my DMP is finished. I got it nailed according to my guide. And that makes me feel ecstatic. I can see the thing I want in my sitting and some things are starting to take shape.
I’m all pumped for the new week and hopefully so are you.

Until next week. Be true to yourself and start believing in yourself!

PS a great way to think about all our electronics we use in every day life take a look at this youtube video.

Week 5 – What is wrong with me?

What is wrong with me?
People are starting to ask questions what the * is wrong with me. I used to discuss everything with them and all of a sudden I don’t do that anymore.
They want to know what I think about this and that. They want to know my opinions on subjects.
The strange thing is I don’t have any I tell them. and then they tell me I am crazy. No opinion in their eyes is no life.
You must have an opinion on something. Well, then I tell them that I’m observing their conversations and seeing things that I do not want to become a part of.
I can tell you this, it is made my life a less complicated life that is for sure.
I know that I still have opinions inside my head and although they were in the majority, I’m getting less and less opinionated in my mind. All is getting quiet and beautiful thoughts are entering my mind. I love the way the mind works and is working more and more the way I want.
even if people think I’m crazy… well that is their opinion and not mine.

What do you think?

peace be the journey (even in my mind)

Week 4 – I Quit

What a great start of this week it has been with the fabulous webinar by Trish, Davene and Mark.

We are all well on our way to changing our lives. Reading DMP, BPB, Mk and GS is giving me a fantastic feeling.
And then I got a message….. a message from my brain telling me and even showing me that I needed to change things in my DMP.
So the first thing I did was writing it all down and after that mailing my Guide. I told him that I needed to change one of my PPN’s.
I also told him that I felt a little awkward with reading my DMP and that that feeling became stronger at each passing week. And now I know why.
My PPN was all wrong. Now that I changed it and writing a new DMP I feel great again and my subby gets it. Everything that happened last week was real but only for one part of the PPN..

An other great thing is that I got some great people with me on the MKMMA journey. We all know each other from before the MKMMA and we now talk to each other frequently and helping one an other with the language. Which is a barrier for some of us. We are going to translate the MK in our own language so the reading will be easier. You can say we have a little Dutch mastermind going on.
And off course we are all going to quit.
Quit giving less the a 100% on this journey. I’m all in.
I used to quit every time something didn’t go the way I planned it but now I am going to stick to the journey and see it through.

So keep reading my Blog on this wonderful journey and live this journey in peace.