Week 16 Kindness at heart!


Like the picture says: Kindness starts with me or you for that matter. This week we are looking for random acts of kindness and commenting of these acts in the alliance. And wow what an avalanche of acts of kindness I read about. This is overwhelming and as you read along you want to do your share of kindness.

And like it has been said before “Give more, Get more” This statement is true. At the beginning of the week I did some things to relief a co-worker of some things that needed to be done at work. 2014 ended in the hospital for him because of a collapsed lung. So his work kept piling up. I took the liberty of taking that of his hands. Well he was so thankful that, I didn’t asked him to do anything for me,but he bought me lunch today. We had a long conversation on the subject of kindness and the things that are going on on our lives. He thanked me for the things I did for him at work and said that this should happen more often among every one. I told him the phrase “give more, get more” and about how this works. Well he certainly got it, he is going to give more kindness because he sees that it will give him so much more.

Later this week I called an old high school buddy of mine who lives in the USA. I haven’t spoken with him in ages and He told me his mother is diagnosed with throat cancer. Right at that moment something in my mind triggered and told him I was going to visit her later this weekend. I was delighted to hear that. He is the only family she has got.You need to know she lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and he lives in Sacramento, CA. I know he is unemployed and saving his money to spend some time with his mother. And with no work that is hard to do. Well I just bought him a round trip over here so he can spend a week with him mother here in the Netherlands. next week he will get the surprise of his lifetime when he sees the tickets in his mailbox. To bad I can’t see the look on his face but knowing he can spend time with his mother is all the joy I need.

So keep spreading the word and deed of kindness on many weeks to come.
Your future is Unlimited.
Miraculous Mike