Week 19 – on the right path

As we continue on this wonderful path we call the Master Key MasterMind Alliance, more and more seems to come naturally.
I know now how to life my life to the fullest.
I know I am on the right track to full fill my dreams and I am getting closer and closer to get some smart DMP goals met.
I will keep walking on this path that I chose for myself to be on.

I know my future will be unlimited

My mind will always be open!


Week 13 – Being the Observer

As we progress in this wonderful course of MKMMA, I am becoming more and more the observer of my surroundings. I don’t give my opinion on everything I see anymore, only when asked. And even then I try to refrain from it.


Even when I have a negative thought I can see my DMP and BAM! negative thought is gone and a smile pops up. This stuff is so powerful. My mind is going in full speed ahead in thinking of ways to get my DMP transformed into plans and plans into actions. More and more are my gut feelings about what I can do to feel my DMP come to life accurate. I feel I am on the right track. Just by observing people I see where I can help them and will do so if they want my help.

People have a tendency to not to ask for help and when some one tries to help they first get mad they you try to help. If the problem is solved they thank you for it, but is it didn’t they get even madder because you tried to help.

I am having so much fun being the observer. I have a big smile on my face day in day out.

Week 10 – I’m whole, perfect, strong, powerful, lovely, harmonious and happy!

After a swift kick in the butt last week I began this week on the high note.
Looking at my DMP and PPN’s I saw that I needed to change a few things in my attitude towards myself.
And now I’m back on track, listening to my recording, doing the exercises in front of my Movieposter and loving every minute of it. I feel powerful again to take it to the next level.
One of my PPN’s is True Health, well I’m getting there as we speak.
Last evening I had a conversation with a sports-instructor at the gym where I workout and I told him about my DMP and that True Health was one of my PPN’s.He immediately offered to help my when I am in the gym and even on the days I’m not at the gym he will help me with my workout. So that I will get my goals met. I will help him with making a DMP for him. I told him it would an honor to help him with that.

And to top it all of I really got to work a lot smarter instead of harder.
By the way I got a new name from my fellow MKMMA’ers here in the Netherlands.
My new name is Miraculous Mike.
so signing off.
Keep it magical and real.
And of course I’m whole, perfect, strong, powerful, lovely, harmonious and happy!

Week 8 – Getting there.

Ok, the assignment not to have negative thoughts continues and I hold a record of 5 consecutive days.
And then something unexpected happens and I lost my cool. It was a futile thing but I lost it.
And right after that I laughed and I thought “there go my 5 days.”
So I restarted just last monday again and we are at day 5 again. And I’m still going strong, even unplugged the TV (all 3). Kids argued with me on it but I stood firm and told them that this was a great moment to read of even play games. Bas (my son) told me that if he wanted to play games he needed the TV. He does his gaming on the Playstation3. I told them to play board games. So we did. We did this the last couple of nights and everyone is enjoying it to the fullest.
Even reading, which is a real buzzkiller for my kids, is going great.
The real challenge about no TV, PC, phone or tablet is on me.
I’m a system engineer for my profession and in my non working hours for my boss I make websites, repair PC’s and advice people on the use of tablets, phones and pc’s. So to keep the attraction of doing fun stuff on these devices I planned this week clear. So no choirs on the electronic devices. But I’m getting there.
This week is also a week that my DMP is finished. I got it nailed according to my guide. And that makes me feel ecstatic. I can see the thing I want in my sitting and some things are starting to take shape.
I’m all pumped for the new week and hopefully so are you.

Until next week. Be true to yourself and start believing in yourself!

PS a great way to think about all our electronics we use in every day life take a look at this youtube video.

Week 6 – With a little help from my friend

This is a strange week so far.

To be very short. Kids got sick, ex father-in-law died of cancer and my head is exploding at the time.
But everytime I got at a point where I wanted to shut down a song pops up in my head.
and it is the same song over and over again.
Even last sunday Mark J sang it. (one line)
It’s the Beatles song “with a little help from my friends”

The help I’m getting from friends and family at this point is overwhelming and much appreciated.
Even my subby kicks in with some great insights. Almost no old blue print anymore.
I keep working on my DMP and movieposter. I’m getting a better and clearer picture in my head of my new surroundings.
Even the four shapes are all over the house.
When we have friends over they instantly look at these shapes and I have to explain why they are all over the house.
Some of my friends get the picture and others don’t.
Well it is back to business and finish that movieposter.

Enjoy your life’s journey. I sure am!

Week 4 – I Quit

What a great start of this week it has been with the fabulous webinar by Trish, Davene and Mark.

We are all well on our way to changing our lives. Reading DMP, BPB, Mk and GS is giving me a fantastic feeling.
And then I got a message….. a message from my brain telling me and even showing me that I needed to change things in my DMP.
So the first thing I did was writing it all down and after that mailing my Guide. I told him that I needed to change one of my PPN’s.
I also told him that I felt a little awkward with reading my DMP and that that feeling became stronger at each passing week. And now I know why.
My PPN was all wrong. Now that I changed it and writing a new DMP I feel great again and my subby gets it. Everything that happened last week was real but only for one part of the PPN..

An other great thing is that I got some great people with me on the MKMMA journey. We all know each other from before the MKMMA and we now talk to each other frequently and helping one an other with the language. Which is a barrier for some of us. We are going to translate the MK in our own language so the reading will be easier. You can say we have a little Dutch mastermind going on.
And off course we are all going to quit.
Quit giving less the a 100% on this journey. I’m all in.
I used to quit every time something didn’t go the way I planned it but now I am going to stick to the journey and see it through.

So keep reading my Blog on this wonderful journey and live this journey in peace.

Week 1 A new Beginning

As of this week my life has a new beginning.
Due to a scholarship in MKMMA (Master Key Master Mind Alliance) I’m getting rid of my old habits and making mew habits to live a better and more fulfilling life than I do now.
We had our first webinar last weekend and boy, I’m getting more and more exciting as it is right now.
We got some assignment to do (you are reading one of them right now). We do some reading every day 3 times a day and we are changing the way we thing. We are getting rid of the old habits and implanting new habits into our mind.

I did some of the assignments a while back during the Go90grow training and some of these assignments went out of my system because of old habits kicking in again.
But this time I am ready for them and I am not letting myself get dragged back in to the old patterns that I have and had.
After I’m finished with this Blog I’m going to read and think about my DMP and rewrite this if I think it is necessary to do so. I got my 15 minutes (actually 23 min) of sitting still and dream about my future life done.
I’m going to change my life and I am going to let you in on the wonderful journey.
you can read everything that I am doing in this 26 weeks here on this blog and I promise you all that after these 26 weeks you will see a different person standing here. A more fulfilled person with a Defined Major Purpose in life. I and everyone on this course will know where we are heading with our life and
we will inspire others to get the best out of their life. It will be a difficult journey but with the determination and will we will get there.
Like our Mentor Mark J. always says at the end of a video: “Peace be the journey”

I’m going to start chipping away on the cement and I am going to see the gold that lies underneath it.