Week 18 Gratitude


Gratitude = To be grateful for…
Well I am grateful for a lot of things. The air, the world we live in and even the people that live on this planet.
And the gratitude I hope to show in the way I do things for the people that are on this planet.

About two weeks ago we had an awareness of kindness and we looked for kindness in every shape or form.
I heard about the mother of a close friend of mine and decided at that moment I was going to pay for his flight.
Well last week he was over from the US. The first thing that he said to me that he was grateful to have a good friend that wanted to help him to be with his mother.
I told him that it would have been done by everyone. He told me that I was the first one that even considered of doing that. He told some friends of his before he left for the Netherlands what I had done and everyone of them told him that he should cherish the friend.
He also told me that he wanted to pay me back, at which moment I told him that I got my payback coming and that he doesn’t have to worry about that.
We had a long talk and I told him about my dream and that he was included in the sit.
I told him that my future self was talking to him on a nice sunny terrace in Greece.
Well he was so grateful that he could be a part of my future that he invited me over to come with him to the US.
I will take him up on the offer but not before his mother is back on her feet and ready to come with me to visit him.
He was and still is grateful that we met about 40 years ago and that we still are good friends.
I told him to believe in himself and that his future is unlimited.

Miraculouse Mike
Your Future is Unlimited


Week 9 – Procrastination


I had a week you wouldn’t believe.
Nothing happened. really nothing. I had a week of extreme procrastination. Everything I wanted to do I didn’t do. My dreamboard? not finished. my recording? not finished. Reading and doing the sit. Well what can I say? Did it. but only half.
But as Davene said 2 weeks ago: “Procrastination is giving your challenges and problems to your future self” I need to get myself back in to gear.
I let myself to live by the clock instead of by the compass. And I see my compass every day as it is on my key chain and even in my car.
2014-11-24 14.40.32.
Even the mental diet went south!. I needed to restart at least 3 times a day.
This a week to learn from and to quickly move on. I will get back on track and nail this course like there is no tomorrow.

So see you all next week. When everything is back on track.

Week 8 – Getting there.

Ok, the assignment not to have negative thoughts continues and I hold a record of 5 consecutive days.
And then something unexpected happens and I lost my cool. It was a futile thing but I lost it.
And right after that I laughed and I thought “there go my 5 days.”
So I restarted just last monday again and we are at day 5 again. And I’m still going strong, even unplugged the TV (all 3). Kids argued with me on it but I stood firm and told them that this was a great moment to read of even play games. Bas (my son) told me that if he wanted to play games he needed the TV. He does his gaming on the Playstation3. I told them to play board games. So we did. We did this the last couple of nights and everyone is enjoying it to the fullest.
Even reading, which is a real buzzkiller for my kids, is going great.
The real challenge about no TV, PC, phone or tablet is on me.
I’m a system engineer for my profession and in my non working hours for my boss I make websites, repair PC’s and advice people on the use of tablets, phones and pc’s. So to keep the attraction of doing fun stuff on these devices I planned this week clear. So no choirs on the electronic devices. But I’m getting there.
This week is also a week that my DMP is finished. I got it nailed according to my guide. And that makes me feel ecstatic. I can see the thing I want in my sitting and some things are starting to take shape.
I’m all pumped for the new week and hopefully so are you.

Until next week. Be true to yourself and start believing in yourself!

PS a great way to think about all our electronics we use in every day life take a look at this youtube video.

Week 2 – Commitment & Enthusiasm

At the beginning of this course we all made a commitment to stick to the program.

In the last webinar we took out 2 index cards and wrote a chore down and made a blue rectangle with our crayons. Now when I see blue rectangles my mind needs to focus on my PPN’s and that will get my subby inline with my thoughts.
I guess you are wondering if this works at all. Well let me tell you this I never seen so many blue rectangles in my life. I got one on my desk at work, even my lunchbox is a blue rectangle

blue rectangle
When we wrote down a chore we needed to do this before or on the 12th of Oct. And sign the index card with I always keep my promises and your name.
On the other card we wrote a perfect plan and a phrase you needed to say out loud 25 times, 2times a day.
First I thought it was a bit childish, but now I don’t care about it and I will say it in my car or just at home and my kids are joining in, after those 25 times I get a boost of energy that I can do almost anything.
We also do a lot of reading. I enjoy reading and I love reading about personal development, so this is a piece of cake.
First the BPB, then DMP, then Salesman and last but not the least the Master Key.
And then I sit down in my chair in the study an be quiet for 15+ minutes. And when that happens the whole house is silent, just like my whole family knows and sits still for 15 minutes also.
And late at noght the reading out loud. I was embarrassed to do it, but after the first time I am getting louder and louder, my wife has to tone me down.

I just love this whole course and I am becoming a new man.

So to your Success, may you be at peace.