Week 15 – Franklin Makeover

courage wordle
Courage or to be brave in the greatest sense of the word.
Well, this week I am looking for courage. courage in every little thing you can think off. Like crossing the street for the first time alone as a little kid. Or a little thing like asking for help. It all takes some courage to do so. We all need to make this first step towards overcoming that bit of fear that holds us back.
And as I was looking for courage in my surroundings I found out that I also needed some courage to do things like talking to people about my business.
But after seeing people and having the courage to do things I know now that it is a small step to overcome your fear and get the courage to go out and do your thing.
I loved this assignment and saw some magnificent things happen with people and to people that had the courage to do the thing they wanted to do.
We all need the courage to let go of that old blueprint and let the new one in.
As the week progressed I came more and more convinced that I am on the right track and I got more and more courage to do the things I feared before. This will be a great 12 weeks to come I know this for sure.

Next week we will be looking for kindness. And yes we all could use a bit more kindness in our lives. So keep looking and maybe you will be surprised by an act of kindness by someone.

See you all out there

Miraculous Mike


Week 3 The World Within.

In the first lesson of the master key, one of the sentences is: “the world without is a reflection of the world within”.
And every time after the 15 minute sit and reading, my mind is getting a blast of thoughts that I get overwhelmed with emotions.
I can’t move and need to take an other 10 minutes to get myself back in order.
This is really crazy, many times I wonder if I’m capable of handling it.
But the next day I see things happening that I got a glimpse of when I sat for 15 minutes the previous day.
And it is blowing my mind, I thought of that and now it is happening.

I used to say a few years ago “I need to see it to believe it” and now I think of it and it is starting to happen.
And now and again my old blue print starts to kick in again and tell me that it’s not possible. But it getting less and less. So the new blue print is getting in my head and this makes me happy.

People around me see changes in my behavior and in my posture, they all want to know what is going on. Did I win the lottery they are asking me.
I tell them that I’m changing the way I’m thinking and that I’m reprogramming my mind. They all think that I’m going crazy because that can’t be done they say.
Well I tell them about cause and effect and you can change the cause by changing the effect which is your mind.
some told me that I’m living my live backwards after he heard that. and then I tell him he does the same in my point of view.
But that I live my live with one big smile on my face because I know I can and am changing my life for the better!

I am changing my world within to change the world without!

Week 1 A new Beginning

As of this week my life has a new beginning.
Due to a scholarship in MKMMA (Master Key Master Mind Alliance) I’m getting rid of my old habits and making mew habits to live a better and more fulfilling life than I do now.
We had our first webinar last weekend and boy, I’m getting more and more exciting as it is right now.
We got some assignment to do (you are reading one of them right now). We do some reading every day 3 times a day and we are changing the way we thing. We are getting rid of the old habits and implanting new habits into our mind.

I did some of the assignments a while back during the Go90grow training and some of these assignments went out of my system because of old habits kicking in again.
But this time I am ready for them and I am not letting myself get dragged back in to the old patterns that I have and had.
After I’m finished with this Blog I’m going to read and think about my DMP and rewrite this if I think it is necessary to do so. I got my 15 minutes (actually 23 min) of sitting still and dream about my future life done.
I’m going to change my life and I am going to let you in on the wonderful journey.
you can read everything that I am doing in this 26 weeks here on this blog and I promise you all that after these 26 weeks you will see a different person standing here. A more fulfilled person with a Defined Major Purpose in life. I and everyone on this course will know where we are heading with our life and
we will inspire others to get the best out of their life. It will be a difficult journey but with the determination and will we will get there.
Like our Mentor Mark J. always says at the end of a video: “Peace be the journey”

I’m going to start chipping away on the cement and I am going to see the gold that lies underneath it.