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Press Release

Today I’m interviewing a Dutchman by the name of Mike Schatens.
He lives here on the isle of Rhodos, Greece where he build a great retreat for him, his family and friends.
He calls it “The Rhodos Experience”
It is build on a great piece of land near the town of Lindos.

It is a long walk down to the retreat and what surprises me is the amazing view that the retreat is sharing here. If I look to the left you can see the town of Lindos. All the houses are painted white and have blue windows frames. It is unbelievable, the beauty it holds and then as I look to the right I can see nothing but clear blue water of the Mediterranean Sea. To sum it up in one word : WOW.

I can see that there is an construction site nearby, wonder what they are building here.

But as I just told you I’m not here for the view but I’m here to talk to Mike.

(Sitting down in a large lounge chair)

So Mike, Tell me a bit about you.

Well as you know I was born 51 years ago in the Netherlands and had a great childhood. Everything a kid need was available. But after my parents got divorced I went it a nose dive for the worse. Didn’t see my father that often and missed a father figure in my life. It after I met my wife that the relationship with my father got better.

I worked as a freelance systems engineer at the time and knew there was more to live then just work, eat and sleep. So I got on the internet and started to look for other ways to get an income. And just like everyone that tries it for the first time I failed and again and again. And just when I was about to give up I met a awesome lady. She taught me almost everything I know about doing business on the internet. But it wasn’t untill I got involved in a course called MKMMA that the big successes became reality.


I will tell you about the Master Key MasterMind Alliance. It is a 26 week course given by Mark J and the Fabulous Davene. This course will change your life around.  We are all life our lives by the habits we grown into. But are your habits the habits that you want to have or do you think there is more. Well I know now there is more. All of the live without is created my the live within. Which means what you can think of in your mind can become reality in your world. I will give you an example. About 5 years ago I decided to turn my life around because of my health. I worked out 3 times a day but I didn’t get any fitter. I even gained more weight. I dieted before and always got back on my old weight. And that bothered me. So I sat down and thought what it would mean to me if I lost about 25 kg. I would be a lot fitter and could do more with my kids. I would feel more confident. So I decided (with help from MKMMA) to put my goals into writing. And as we were taught read teh goals 3 times a day. This gave my subby (subconscious) the Idea to but this in motion. And so I became my lifes purpose to get my health in order.

After a while I got to think that if I can do it for me, I can do this for anybody that wanted my help doing the same. So I started to gather some friends and family and we got to mastermind on how we could accomplish this.

The mastermind let to this beautiful retreat. We build this from scratch and give courses of health, food and exercises.

And as you could see when you arrived here we are building a hotel for people with a disability, or with disabled children. This building will be a one story building so no stairs and everything is leveled. So everybody can enjoy a great vacation and maybe (not mandatory) learn some things about the body and mind.

As we continue to speak about this great place I see the children of Mike and his lovely wife Bianca approaching. They invite me to stay for dinner and enjoy the greek hospitality. Which I gladly accept just to look at this great view of the village and the sea!

Untill next time.

Jimmy Fallon



2 thoughts on “Press Release

  1. I can’t wait to visit your retreat and admire these beautiful landscapes around! I haven’t been in Rhodos yet, and now I have an imperative reason to go, so I will be patient and wait until your project is achieved!

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