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Week 17 Decisiveness

To make a decision you need to have a choice.
Which ever choice you make, you will never choose the wrong thing. In your eyes you always choose right. If you knew it was the wrong choice you never would have made that choice.
You choice could turn out that the outcome was not what you expected but it was never a wrong choice.

As we progress along the Franklin Makeover we come across some habits we need to address, mine for last week was decisiveness, or the lack of it.
And when you look for it you will see a lot of people struggling with this habit. And when I look at myself I see that I need to do something about my own indecisiveness.
I tend to ponder about the choices I am about to make and thus not making an decision at all.
But then I think about the best decision I made about 17 weeks ago to get on this wonderful and mind altering course called th MKMMA. And I look at all the progress I made thus far. I I count myself blessed to make this journey with all my co-travelers on the road to become the greatest salesmen in the world. We are all on our own hero’s journey and we are on the brink of being reborn as our future selfs.
All for me left to say at this moment is: Your Future is Unlimited

Miraculous Mike.


4 thoughts on “Week 17 Decisiveness

  1. You dont have problems with indecisiveness 🙂 Not making a decision is also – a decision:-)
    Good to know that you always have been decisive, huh? 😉
    We are always doing the “right” things, in the 2right” time and in the “right” way, always…We learn and we can do the same thing in another way and create different results, but it is always “right”:-)
    Enjoy playing & growing!

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  2. Mike, I love when you wrote: “If you knew it was the wrong choice you never would have made that choice”, you are right, there is a great potential for most of us to improve the “decisiveness” quality. Great post and a lot of common sense!

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  3. If we avoid making decisions, it may be because we are afraid of making the wrong choice? …. Or is it a way to procrastinate? For me it’s probably the latter. Great post! It got me thinking about my own difficulties:-)

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